Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Keep Your Home Germ and Chemical Free This Flu Season

With the fear of swine flu high, not to mention the regular run of nasty bugs we can expect in the weeks and months ahead, make sure your first line of defense is prepared—keeping germs at bay on the home front.

Bleach and other chemical cleaners may be effective germ killers, but they can be bad for your health and your environment. Certain natural cleaners have the same powerful antibacterial qualities without the harmful effects.

For all-purpose cleaning that’s powerful enough to kill the vilest bacteria, spray vinegar (which kills most bacteria and germs) followed hydrogen peroxide in its own spray bottle. Hydrogen peroxide kills germs (and whitens—it’s good in the wash too!) like bleach, but is totally safe in the 3 percent concentration that’s found in stores. The combination can’t be beat to stop bacteria in its tracks!

For dishes, use the dishwasher as much as possible—the ultra hot water knocks out unfriendly bugs more consistently than washing in a sink does.

For carpets, upholstery and any surface that can stand heat and hot water, use a steam cleaner, which you can rent at home stores.

Source: All You Daily Savings
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