Friday, July 31, 2009

Reusing Laundry Scoops

Scoop-Out Measured Savings
What do you do with your plastic scoops that are included with your powdered laundry detergents. What about the plastic caps on the fabric softener bottles? Start saving these! They are very handy for mixing gardening chemicals, and they are also helpful in the kitchen. If you purchase bulk quantities of flour and sugar, like I do, you can re-package them in large glass pickle jars. In each container, use the scoops with graduated measures.

To mark the scoop with proper measurements, take a known volume of water and fill up the scoop. Take a marker and mark the known measurement on the scoop using the permanent marker. Liquid detergent and fabric softener measuring tops also work well. Make sure to wash everything completely before using and marking.
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